VIP: A 360 Analysis


If you are an active party goer, or are simply someone who watches a substantial amount of television, I am certain you have heard of the acronym “VIP”.
“VIP”, or Very Important Person, is a term often used to represents high status, or elite individuals whom belong to the upper echolon of society. The VIP section, usually a luxurious, well chaperoned area in clubs, boutiques, and restaurants, are often reserved for Celebrities, Politicians, Athletes, Musician and many more famed and highly prestigious individuals.


A VIP” or a Very Important Person is fairly subjective, and dependant on social status, occupation, family, friends, and also a given location and occassion
As an instance, a celebrant celebrating her 18th birthday amidst friends, loved ones, and other invited guests, is entitled to her own special list of “Very Important People” A list of people whom she deems important, but are of no means famed or renowned.
Another instance, would be the same girl attending a local concert and purchasing seating tickets amidst the general admissions section, a direct opposite to the VIP section. Prior to that night, she had been “VIP” at her own birthday party, but during her time at the concert, she is just another face in the crowd.

VIP: Sports

A modern example would be those sitting courtside at major leage sports games.
Courtside tickets to a New York Knicks basketball game costs at least $15,000 each, a price more than four times what an average american earns monthly. Not only does sitting courtside at a professional sports game signal VIP status,
often times times than not, courtside dwelers recieve video recognition, along with applauses from the fans, and are even gone as far as being invited into the home teams locker room to meet with the players.

VIP: Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, the colosseum was a place where Very Important People mattered the most. Those closeset people to the center of the coloseums were automatically validated, and regarded as high nobility. The Emperor was granted the best seat in the entire amphitheatre, a seat that stood at the heart of the bloody action, marking his power, and solidifying him as VVIP.

VVIP: Very Very Important People.

Regarded to be a notch above VIP, “VVIP”, or a Very Very Important Person, often refers to individuals with great influence and power. VVIPs are ususally the highest ranked officials in society. Kings and monarchs would be considered VVIPs.



VIP Mix: A Fans Treat

Created by artists themselves for Live Shows, VIP Mixes are sent directly to local DJs to play for loyal fans, or “Very Important People”. VIP Mixes are not intended to be mass released to the public, but and meant to serve as a treat for fans. Since there are no Studio Recordings made of VIP remixes, they are rarerly, to never found outside of selected live shows.

VIP: Variation in Production

While some might liken it to a DJ remixing and mastering a track, “VIP” is fairly different than mixing, and mashing. “VIP” or Variation in Production, is a tool predominantly used in electronic music, and is done when one alters or changes up a few elements in a music piece. Variation In Production does not necessarily mean a complete alteration of an original musical composition, but rather a simple ajdustment. Adjustments could feature a more upbeat tempo, added instrumentation such as heavier drums, or louder bass, depending on the creative direction of the artist themselves.


• A reason why an artist may create a variation in production, could be mainly due to the fact that through further experimentation and discovery of new prefered sounds, they decided a Variation In Production would be better suited than an original.

• A few electronic dance music ethusiats claim VIPs to be of cleaner, smoother audio quality than that of its original.

• Radio plays certainly have an effect on variation in music production. Artists might desire new catchy sounds that instantly make their records instant hits on radio stations.

Get Get VIP Service in the Las Vegas Nightlife

For those who visit Las Vegas, Nevada, it may be a relief to know that there are VIP services in the Las Vegas nightlife. In fact, if you are having a special event or evening you need planned out accordingly, then we can provide this for you. In Las Vegas, we know how busy it can get if you are in the city for vacation, business, or for a special event in your life.

Therefore, if you will not be able to turn away the nightlife because you happen to be a fan of the slots or table games, need some chauffeuring around the town on your bachelor/ette party, or simply need the classic VIP night, we can accommodate you (and your guests). Especially, at the local resorts where concert venues, events, shows, and other entertainment venues can be scheduled and according to special rates and service time slots.

Various VIP entertainment options
If you happen to want a special night with specific hot spots to go to with your gal pals or your buddies in your wedding party, the VIP entertainment options huge and ready for you all! Some of the VIP services offered in various Las Vegas venues are the following:
– Bachelor/ette parties
– Business events
– Birthday parties
– Limo cruises around town (to concerts, clubs, shows, or venues…)
– Dining / restaurants
– Gun range
– Gentlemen’s clubs
– Massage / Spa therapy
– Sporting events
– Booking BUS / AIRPORT pickups
– Beach visits (reserve cabanas, huts,…)

VIP transportation services
With the array of transportation services that are available with VIP services in Las Vegas is the stretch SUVs, the party buses, the shuttle buses, even Harley Davidson availability. In Las Vegas, it’s where the VIP entertainment is known for and some of the best in the world.

It’s why you go there in the first place! With some places that you’ll need VIP services, it is good to know that you will be taken care of once you begin your evening. Some nightly VIP services that can be tailored to all your needs in the Las Vegas nightlife are guaranteed to be satisfying nevertheless. Such places that you have VIP services in Las Vegas at your preference are massage or therapeutic services, bachelor/ette party venues, casino night fun,…etc. Plus, some of those VIP services are for visitors and travelers alike which means that you can use these types of services at 5-star restaurants.

VIP services for various occasions
In addition, summer is officially not too far off, in fact, it’s right around the corner and many people travel out of town or overseas at times. This means that those wanting to visit Las Vegas either from international or national places, Vegas is one hot spot every summer! VIPs are more important than ever; in fact, it’s not being able to worry about getting in the front row of the concert or venue. Also, you should be able to have access to a great table without having to wait for hours, remember time is money. And if you feel like you deserve to go out to a strip club with your groomsmen or see the “Chippendales” show with your bridesmaids, well there is VIP services and offers available as well. Thus, there are so many things available in the Las Vegas nightlife, the last thing you want is to be out of the “loop-hole.”

Contact us at VIP services at in the Las Vegas Nightlife and you will be happy you did. With our affordable rates, great customer service, prompt and safe transportation, we’ll make sure you get the right VIP services you and your party. One of our services is the stretched limo service which is hourly, daily, or if you need a special pick-up or drop-off service at your location or destination. There entertainment venues in the Las Vegas Strip that you may want to go to although you may have trouble in getting in because of long waiting lines, it may be impossible! VIP services can help you gain entry with the perfect table as well. Consequently you (going solo) or with your guests, will have the best night of your life with our VIP services in Las Vegas. The night to remember in “Sin City” is your VIP night!

VIP Las Vegas Escorts; Find them Here

Las Vegas is known for offering many elite services. Elite gambling spots, of course, haute cuisine, and excellent restaurants and night life. At least one other offering can also make you feel like an VIP; an luxury Las Vegas escort service.

Las Vegas Escorts Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Of course Las Vegas escorts come in all shapes and sizes and this is part of the appeal of visiting an escort in Vegas. Since Escorts are legal in Las Vegas people from all over visit them and there is a great demand, and supply, which provide those wanting to visit Escorts with a bad number of possibilities. Model lookalikes and runway Escorts are some of the VIP escorts out there, though these often command a premium price. This premium price can be well worth satisfying a lifetime fantasy that you may be otherwise unable to fulfill on your own. You don’t need to see VIP escorts from runway escorts if dollars are tight and that is one of the wonderful things about seeing escorts in Las Vegas- the variety of options.

Finding Premium Escorts in Las Vegas

How do you define an VIP escort is a matter of taste, of course. VIP escorts are often defined by their high cost and as they are considered to be an premium and limited option. Many people define premium escorts by their appearance and are expected a women who looks incredibly beautiful, significantly above the average women who looks like an model. Many people who seek out these premium escorts are often disappointed by the legwork that they need to use to find them. Some ways to find premium escorts include the following considerations.

1) Look for Escorts with Glowing Reviews: Lets face it, generally you are not going to be be visiting a girl on her first time and she will likely have an extensive set of reviews. Seek out one who has a high quality set of reviews that are very positive both in terms of their looks as well as attitude and how well they accommodate your tastes. While escorts who are considered to be VIPs are often labelled as such based on their appearance, their performance will also matter greatly as well and reviews will give you the best consideration of their appearance before you visit them.

2) Check Out Photos and Websites: A photo of an escort may be a fake one so that the escort can protect their privacy. Having said that, a photo should approximate the appearance of the escort or give an good idea of what they look like. Some escorts will only blur out a portion of their face so that you can have a good idea of their appearance. Take a look and see if they are to your taste. Then see how they present themselves on their website and blog. Many people care about personality when they are visiting an premium escort and making sure they are able to reasonably converse with them can greatly aide you in your search.

3) Find a Trusted Agency: Not every escort wants to operate independently without the aide of an agency. Some of the best premium escorts will work for agencies. Find the best agencies and be candid to them regarding what you are looking for in an escort and see if they can accommodate your needs. A premium escort agency will have a reputation that they want to protect and will often be honest in providing you with what you are looking for.

4) Be Honest About Any Fetishes or Preferences You Have: If you have anything that will make an VIP experience for you then you will have to seek it out. Not every escort will be able to accommodate your tastes so you should be open with them regarding your tastes so that you can have them met.

Finding an VIP Las Vegas escort can be challenge but can be made easier with following the aforementioned tips. Be sure to set a budget when finding an VIP escort so that you can make sure that your VIP escort experience remains a fine memory for you without overwhelming you financially. Remember that a VIP experience can be costly but can satisfy a fantasy that may be otherwise unfulfilled. Treat yourself with an elite experience.

How to Live it up in Las Vegas; VIP Style

If you are vacationing Las Vegas and really want to have a great VIP time, there are VIP businesses around about town that can make this happen. One of the best of these is Red Carpet VIP. These guys have close ties with just about all of the Vegas nightclubs, casinos, and hotels. That means that they also have access to some of the best deals from all of these places. It also means getting access to these places is way easier. You will also be enabled to avoid all of the lines associated with getting into clubs and such at all. Red Carpet is so concerned with everything going smoothly for their clients that your host will keep tabs with you throughout your Vegas visit to make sure you are comfortable.

Then they will meet you the day before the planned night in order to sort out all the details. Then on the actual night of the festivities the host will arrange for you to have a limousine ride to the agreed upon venue. He or she will then meet you again right outside the nightclub and personally walk you in. Their accompaniment on first entry is very necessary since without it you will have to wait. Red Carpet also employs several different hosts at most Vegas establishments who will make sure everything goes smoothly throughout your evening. All of this will have already have been financially taken care of with a basic contract signed and the evening completely prepaid by you, so these hosts will never ask you to pay any extra fees for anything.

All that you as the client will need is your ID. Although your evenings may differ a little based on what you request and recommendations by your host, there are some things that you can always know you will find with Red Carpet: 1) Top notch table and nightclub bottle services. The very professional host assigned to you will carefully plan out every single detail of your night so that it goes perfectly. 2) You will always find a very easy nightclub entry with no waiting in lines. This easy access that you can start partying as soon as possible amidst the hottest nightlife scenes in the city.

3.) One of the most popular venues in Las Vegas is the strip clubs. The best strip clubs in Vegas are so popular in fact that they are packed right away. Red Carpet can help clients avoid being shut out from a desired strip club, with easy access to all of them. These strip clubs are so in demand among Red Carpet clients and so many brought to the strip club’s of Vegas that these club’s frequently give it access to all manner of special deals. That means that they will have access to the best value to whatever strip club you prefer. 4.) At the beginning of this article we mentioned that the host will give you a limousine ride to the venue.

5)While the strip clubs are notoriously difficult to get into at night, they got nothing on pool parties. Getting VIP entry, a pool cabana, or daybed reservations in Vegas are very rare events that only go to the very quick and the very lucky. Oh, and it also goes to Red Carpet clients since this is also something their hosts can handle with ease. This is undoubtedly the most popular thing to do. This service is not just for that one ride. It will be at your disposal throughout the evening. Red Carpet has several different styles of limousines available. You as the client will have your choice of which style to have for the evening.

6) Lastly, you will always find that Red Carpet will always help you locate and obtain the very best in discounted hotel rooms. The host will prepare everything for you. All you will need to do is prepare for the greatest night in your life! We know you will not be disappointed and will want to use Red Carpet for a Vegas blast again. For more information there is a plethora of information about Red Carpet online. They are ready and waiting for your inquiry.